Joe carl Abousakher


About Joe


Joe Carl Abousakher grew up in a multi-cultural household (half Palestinian-Arab, half Country Bumpkin-White) in the middle of nowhere (McEwen), Tennessee where he raised sheep and chickens there. He killed a lot of those sheep (for food, not fun), and ate all the unborn babies of those chickens (eggs). Does that sound weird? Screw you, dude. You're weird.

Now he now raises his preteen step daughter in West Hollywood, California, and no - he's not that great at parenting. But he does have a pretty unique perspective on the world, and he's conceited enough to think the world wants to hear him rant about it. 

He was a semifinalist on NBC's Stand Up Diversity Showcase in 2016 and 2017, a finalist in The Funniest Comic In LA 2017, and has been a featured act at the 208, Golden Spike, and North Texas comedy festivals. He has featured for the likes of Dana Gould, TJ Miller, and Margaret Cho. He loves performing all around Southern California, but he'd love to travel the country to perform for YOU!

ALSO - Joe hosts THE HOMETOWN HEROES PODCAST - a biweekly podcast where he invites funny people over to talk about the places they grew up. You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, or anywhere else you listen to those things. 


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